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Roze-E-Remit provide Money Transfer, Currency Exchange and Air Travel Tickets to its customers;

International Money Transfer

We offered the services to transfer money to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, South Asia, Europe, America, Canada & Africa at very competitive exchange rates.

Online transfer facility is currently limited to Pakistan corridor only. The money can be received from any branch of one of these banks; United Bank Limited, Muslim Commercial Bank,  very next day in Pakistan. Moreover you can transfer money into any bank account in Pakistan.

Currency Exchange

We offered all major foreign currency exchange services to our retail and corporate customers. We offer foreign currency exchange at very competitive price. We sell and buy all major currencies. Our services are none to others.

Instant Cash

Instant Cash is the fastest mode of transferring your money to any part of the world in minutes. As one of the most popular instant money transfer services of the world, Instant Cash offers true value for your money with nominal charges, reliability ensured with state-of-the-art technologies, simplified transaction procedures, and instant payout to the beneficiary.

Ria Money

Roze-E-Remit is an authorised agent of Ria Money Transfer Services. You can send the money by using Ria Money service at very competitive charges arround 80 countries and territories. Ria Money provide quick and efficient services, the money can reach in the destination country just in minutes only.

“ Want to protect against fluctuations?
The currency market can be extremely volatile, with exchange rates changing by the second. Transacting when rates are in your favour can make a big difference