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Your Questions : Managing Your Account

How do I Sign up for a Roze Account?

To use Roze-E-Remit online transfer service you will need to setup an account using your email address on our website or on our android app.

Following information will be required along with Proof of ID’s;

  • Sender’s full name and address;
  • Sender’s contact number;
  • Sender’s Valid Passport or Driving License or National ID number;
  • Sender’s occupation/business
  • Beneficiary’s full name and address;
  • Beneficiary’s contact number;
  • Beneficiary’s bank details i.e. Account no., Bank Address, IBAN no/Swift code etc ;
  • Purpose of remittance;

Proof of ID

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Scanned copy of full UK driving licence
  • Scanned copy of Provisional UK driving licence
  • Scanned copy of EU member state ID card with photo (Both Sides if applicable)

How do I send/upload my documents?

You can either upload them from a file (preferably .jpg or .pdf) up to 5mb size saved on your computer or mobile device, or upload a photo taken using the camera on your device.

If you have any problems uploading your documents, you can also email them to us at crm@rozeinternational.com and our Customer Support Team will upload them to your account for you

How soon after uploading my documents will my account be opened?

It generally takes less than half hour during office hours to activate your account. Once we’ve accepted and verified your documents, you will receive email confirmation and account number.

Do I need to provide any supporting documents?

Depending on the amount you’re sending, we may ask you to provide some of the following documents to verify your source of funds & Address

 Proof of Address

  • Utility bill (we can’t accept mobile phone bills or payslips)
  • Bank statement
  • Bank letter
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Credit card statement
  • NHS letter/GP card
  • Provisional driving licence
  • Any HMRC correspondence (i.e.; confirmation of Tax code and NI)
  • Local council rent card
  • Tenancy agreement from a council or housing association
  • Official letter from any UK Government body

(All Documents mentioned above must have been issued within the last 3 months)

Proof of Funds

  • Payslip
  • Bank statement showing salary from employer
  • Credit card statement (document should contain identification such as name and account number)
  • House sale receipt, car sale receipt, etc
  • Bank loan documents (including mortgages)

(Documents above must have been issued within the last 3 months)

Sending Money with Roze-E-Remit

How much does it cost to send money with Roze-E-Remit?

The exact fee will depend on which country you’re sending money to, and by which method. Sending money to Pakistan is free if not less than US$ 200.There are no hidden fees with Roze-E-Remit– we’ll tell you the total cost of your transfer, including the exchange rate, before you press the ‘send’ button.

How can I pay for my transfer?

Currently there are 2 ways to fund your transfer depending on which method you prefer sending money.

  • Transfer Directly to our Account
  • Pay by Debit Card (Credit cards & Business cards not accepted)

Do I need a smartphone to send money?

You can transfer money via our website, which is fully optimised for use on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Can I edit my personal information after registering?

Yes, you can edit your address and phone number at any time via your account profile update page.

The security of your account is very important to us, so changes relating to your name, date of birth and certain other details can only be authorised by contacting us directly.

Can I have multiple accounts with Roze-E-Remit?

No. Each customer can only have single account with Roze-E-Remit. If you try to create a duplicate account, it may result in both accounts being blocked.

How do I close my account with Roze-E-Remit?

In case, you may want to close your account if you no longer need to send money.

Please remember that once your account is closed, it’s no longer accessible by you or anyone else.

To close your account, please contact customer support at 02084719606 at crm@rozeinternational.com with your registered email address with us.

How do I set up a transfer?

Set up your recipient

Tell us how you want to transfer money and to whom. We’ll ask you to specify the receiving country, currency and delivery method. You can send money to another person or yourself.

Enter the amount you want to send
Tell us the amount of money you want to send and how you’re funding the transfer.

Authorization Code

You will receive authorization code in your registered email address which is required before confirming your transfer.

Confirm and pay

Review and pay for your transfer and the money will be on its way.

What is the status of my transfer?

You can see the status of your transfer and previous transactions via login into your account with Roze-E-Remit.

Will I get an email when the transaction is complete?

Yes. An automated email confirming the payment will be sent to the email address linked to your account. The status of your transfer will also change on your account’s dashboard. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, it’s likely that your transaction wasn’t successful. If you think this may be the case, please contact the Customer Support Team – at crm@rozeinternational.com

Paying By Card

How will I know if my debit card transfer has gone through?

You’ll know your transfer has gone through if:

  • You’re shown a ‘Transaction successful’ page
  • You’re given an Transaction Reference number
  • You receive a confirmation email
  • The money has been debited from your account and the transaction is shown on your bank statement


If the above hasn’t happened, please check the ‘Recent Transfers’ list in your account dashboard. If the transaction doesn’t appear, no money has been taken from your account and you haven’t received any other confirmation, then you’ll need to register your transaction again.

Why has my debit card payment been rejected?

Sometimes banks block transactions for security reasons, particularly if it is an unexpected payment, as they may suspect the card has been stolen and is being used fraudulently. If this is the case, please contact your bank to authorize the payment and ask them to unblock it. You will need to provide details of your transaction: date, time and the amount of money sent. Sometimes your bank may give you an authorisation code for the rejected payment and tell you to give this code to Roze-E-Remit. Unfortunately, we can’t process rejected payments, even with an authorisation code.

Can you process a rejected payment?

We’re unable to process any rejected payments. If you’ve recently tried to make a transaction using your debit card but the payment has been rejected by your bank, there’s nothing we can do to make it go through. In some cases, you may need to let your bank know that you want to send money via Roze-E-Remit so they can authorise your future payments.

Paying Through Bank Transfer

How do I pay via bank transfer?

Rather than using a credit or debit card, you can choose to pay for your Roze-E-Remit transaction by depositing funds directly into our bank account via online banking. You will receive our bank account details via email/SMS when your account is successfully approved with us.

Once you’ve chosen your recipient and the amount you want to send, you can select your preferred payment method as ‘bank transfer’.

How do I know if my bank transfer has gone through?

If you’ve selected “bank transfer” as your payment method when creating your transaction on Roze-E-Remit, your order will only be processed when we receive a bank deposit from you.

You’ll know your transaction has been created on Roze-E-Remit (but not yet sent) if:

  • You’re shown a ‘Transaction successful’ page
  • You receive an Transaction Reference number via email
  • You receive an email/sms with our bank account details to fund the transfer by sending the money to Roze-E-Remit’s bank account using online or telephone banking


If all of these haven’t happened, please check the ‘recent transfers’ list on your account dashboard. If the transaction doesn’t appear and you haven’t received any other confirmation, this means you’ll need to set up your transaction again.

Once all of these have happened you’ll need to fund the transfer. In order to do that, you can log out of Roze-E-Remit and log into your online banking to set up a bank transfer to our account. Unfortunately, we can’t do this for you until the money reaches our account, once funds have arrived and the transfer has been successfully sent, the transaction status on dash board will change from “awaiting payment” to “processing”.

Why haven’t I received a confirmation email?

If you haven’t received a confirmation email, there’s a good chance your transfer isn’t set up in our system. The first place to check is your account dashboard – does the transfer appear on your list? If not, it means your transfer request wasn’t completed. Please resubmit your transfer request and check that it appears in your dashboard when you’re finished.


If the transfer does appear on your dashboard but you haven’t received an email from us, please try the following steps:

  • Search your email account for messages from ‘crm@rozeinternational.com’. This will list all emails received from us, including those in your spam folder
  • If the email is in your spam folder, please add crm@rozeinternational.comto your contacts list on your email account. This will help to prevent future notifications being filtered into this folder.
  • If the email isn’t in your spam folder, check that you used a valid email address and that you entered it correctly when registering with Roze-E-Remit. If you used an incorrect address, please contact Customer support Team at 02084709606 or email at crm@rozeinternational.com

My Roze-E-Remit account appears to be blocked. What’s happened?

If your Roze-E-Remit account becomes blocked, we can usually unblock it quickly and easily by verifying that you’re the account holder.

Please contact our Customer support Team and we’ll help you out.

Why is my transaction status showing ‘awaiting payment’, but the money has already left my account?

Sometimes the transaction status displays ‘awaiting payment’ for a period after you transfer the money to us.

If you’ve paid by Debit Card

We’ll most likely receive a confirmation of your payment within one working day. As soon as we receive the funds, the transaction status will change to ‘processing’.

If you’ve paid by bank transfer

The money should leave your account straight after you make a payment via online banking it normally takes few minutes to appear in recipient account. But sometimes banks hold payment for compliance purposes, in this case you should contact your bank directly and confirm the status of transfer. During this time, the money won’t be visible in your bank account or ours. Once it reaches us, the transaction status will change to ‘in processing’.

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