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Welcome to Roze-E-Remit

Roze-E-Remit is positioned as one of the leading exchange company in the United Kingdom, primarily focusing on International Money Transfers, and Money Exchange.

We have pioneered new standards in fund transfer services, ever staying ahead of competition with advanced and slick enhancements in the technology. Our customers can send money to their loved ones using our services available via Online, mobile app and in-branch or via agent network.

Roze-E-Remit offers quality services and an unblemished image, which has empowered it to become an acknowledged force in the world remittance market.

We are an organisation which believes in fair management and operational practices, continually motivated to perform to our regulator\’s, customers\’ and society\’s high expectations and standards

“ Want to protect against fluctuations?
The currency market can be extremely volatile, with exchange rates changing by the second. Transacting when rates are in your favour can make a big difference